Jasna Brdaric

Personal Trainer
Group Trainer
Health Coach

The best decision I’ve ever made in my life was  ending law school and becoming a certified fitness instructor in 2017, in Croatia, where I come from. I finally realised who I am and what I want, and that's a person who loves people, physical activity and self-improvement. Not in a cheesy way, but genuine and raw.  

In the summer 2018 I moved to Munich. My road to success has been imbued with obstacles that majority never encounters (including a motorcycle accident), so I ended doing all sorts of jobs. But fitness has been present the entire time. Even when I couldn't walk.


I am a certified fitness trainer and a health coach but I don''t like to put myself in a box. I'm also highly interested in human psychology, relationships, and mental health, and the link between physical activity and the latter. I gladly speak about my past pains, because I'm not ashamed of the weak person I once was. Bein weak is not a choice. Staying weak it is. Which one is you?


My ultimate goal is to help others to stop being ashamed of their weaknesses and find their strength -  through adopting life-long exercise, balanced diet and never neglecting their mental health.


ps- do not get me wrong, I also like abs. 





  • certified fitness instructor (Fitness uciliste Zagreb)
  • health coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)
  • certified personal trainer (ISSA)



  • Croatian, English, German



Why gymboss?

Since I was a child, one of my nicknames is ''sefica'', Croatian for ''girlboss''.  

My mom and grandma still call me like that from time to time. Funny enough, during the group training, one of my dear clients started calling me the gymboss. I like it because it represents autonomy, responsibility and strength, and those are the traits I hope to pass on others.

Things I want you to know even if we won't work together:

Do not believe everything
you see on social media.

Do not compare to ANYONE.

Resistance training is a 
must. Find the type you will stick to.

Protein is the most important macronutrient and makes the biggest difference in weight
loss, muscle gain and satiety. 

Any diet you can't follow
at least 80% of it, for the
rest of your life, is a mistake.

Exercise is far more than burning calories and a tool to sculpt your body. Do not neglect your mental health, please.

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